2010年5月31日 星期一

古鎮西塘 Old Town Xi-Tang

We had visited several old towns last year, but not this year.  The rare good weather yesterday took us to another old town Xi-tang in zhe-Jiang.  Water, bridges, boats, and old houses together make a great view. Now I would let the pictures tell the story.
西塘 Old Town Xi-Tang
Behind us is the reception center.
Crooked hall way led us to the entrance.
Water Stage. Boats can cross under the stage.
Many residents provide guest rooms RMB100-150 per night.
They hang bedsheets on the river side.
More bedsheets
 Small hall way beside the garden
The garden
The garden: Stone-chairs and talbe are fixed on the water.
 View from the bridge
Water, boats, and old houses
Rock cave in Chinese garden
Pavilion and fish pool in the garden
 A great view for painting.
The stores' outside decoration
The Stores
The store's wooden plates decoration 
 Narrow street crowded with stores and shoppers
Metal Souvenirs
  After 4 hour hiking, it is our turn to take the boat to the exit.

2010年5月28日 星期五

Great Detoxifier:Green Beans Tea 綠豆茶

Tea made from Dried green beans


A China cup or Steel cup is suggested.  Glass cup is not for hot water.
I use glass cup to show the ingredients.


今早,我试了此方,一大早就先煮绿豆水,放着等它凉点再喝。 后来,我打电话回家,告诉我妈这个做法,讲了半天,问她有没听懂,结果她说:就是泡绿豆茶嘛!我恍然大悟,是呀!这么简单的事,拿个杯子放入洗净的绿豆和热开水就可以做好,我还洗锅子,看着时钟计时煮了一堆绿豆。总之,就这么简单,以后可以常常泡绿豆茶了,又不担心喝茶睡不着。
Green beans are an excellent source of vitamin C, vitamin K and manganese. They are also a very good source of vitamin A, dietary fiber, potassium, folate and iron. In addition, green beans are a good source of magnesium, thiamin, riboflavin, niacin, copper, calcium, phosphorus, protein, and omega-3 fatty acids. Here is more information about Green beans.
The above is about the nutritional effect of green beans.  The Chinese Medicine Doctors have different views on green beans' detoxifying effects.  They suggest that green beans essence can help discharge chemicals, preservatives, pesticides and other harmful substance from human liver. If you eat cooked green beans, you get the nutritions. If you drink green beans tea, you get the medical benefits.  The internet knows how to cook green beans.  As for the tea, it is as simple as the way we make other teas.  Add some washed green beans to one cup of hot drinking water, cover and wait 30 minutes. That's it.  Enjoy!

2010年5月15日 星期六

Parents' Visit 家有二老

At the beginning of May, I went back to Taiwan to file my family's tax report. Then I escorted my parents to Suzhou for a 5 day-visit. This was their first time being abroad.  We had great time together.  My father is a farmer, still doing some farming at this age of 77 (he insists).  His eyesight is bad with one eye completely blind and one eye of less than 20% eyesight due to the overworking at his young age. Except for the trouble with his eyes, everything is fine with his condition. As for my mom, she is as healthy and nagging as before. Their visit is very precious to me because we haven't been so close together for so long (5 days) since I got married.
I took them to places around Suzhou.  My parents never felt tired during the trip because they used to walk 1 hour every morning back home . Ironically, I was the one who always called for rests during the trips. My mom was excited to see every scenes. My dad tended not to fuss about the places ( I guess that might be because he could not see very clearly about many sites.). We talked and joked a lot on the way. 
My older sister was worried about my father's eyes, so my  brother-in-law took a flight to take my parents home.   Winston's eyes were wet when he saw his grandparents took the bus to the airport. I made a DVD to record my parents' visit and let them bring the memory home.  However, I try not to watch the video, because I know I am gonna miss them if I do. 
After their visit, I think my arents are very sure that my family are doing very well in this poetic city. And I am sure they had a fulfilled trip.
Visit the Budda Temple (重元寺)
Budda's Hand (無錫靈山)
Hundred kids playing with smiling Budda

甪直古鎮 Old town boating
Water dance at Gold Chicken Lake
Ancient Gardens( 獅子林)
Ancient House of the Rich(獅子林一隅)






Science and Art Museum
Dine in an Indian restuarant with Brother-in-law
 who came to take my parents home.