2009年6月27日 星期六

Piano & Bassoon

I had been busy in building our Class Website. Now my old classmates are having fun chatting in the network. And the good news is that I found another classmate to be the main website manager.  She can share half of the workload in maintaining the website.  And I will have more of my own time to maintain my blog.

This picture was taken on June 20, the openning of Piano teacher's new music learning center.  Teacher Deng is a Bassoon teacher in Suzhou University.

2009年6月23日 星期二

Kindergarteners' Graduation

Last Friday was Winston's graduation date.  Richy went to work in the early morning and took few hours off work to attend the graduation ceremony.  After the ceremony, the kids performed shows to entertain parents and other kids. 








2009年6月21日 星期日

Class Reunion Project & Friend's Visit

These days I still suffered from Sun Skin Rashes (多型性日光型皮肤疹).  They said once you got this allergy it will not be cured easily and the symptom will repeat often in summer whenever the skin is exposed to the sun. 

I did not have time to go out these days anyway, because I had been busy working on a Class Reunion Project: building a Class Reunion Website.  I started it two weeks ago and opened the website on June 16.  The feedback had been great. And we got so many old classmates sending their pictures for me to post and joining the talks.  It feels good to meet old friends in the web.  It was like creating another campus in the internet.

Saturday Evan & Pinting visited us.  Richy was not home. Evan graduated from the same university as I did, but he was 2 years older.  I told him about our Class Reunion Website.  He is positive about our actions. Since I could not go out in the sun, I ordered KFC takeouts and we ate and chatted in our house.   Their son Johnathan and my son Winston had great time playing together.  Johnathan also learned piano at home.  He performed 2 piano songs in our house, and Winston played some songs, too. We parents exchanged our experiences in learning with kids.  Evan and Pinting saw our new bikes on the balcony. They planed to buy one, too.  So, I tell them to buy it in the store very close to our house.  They did a quick buy in few minutes and soon went on the way to visit Pinting's father in Kun-Shan.
    After they left, I took Winston to attend the Piano teacher's new opening of another piano learning center. Winston played some song in the new center.  He met a Bason Teacher who also play Saxphone.  The teacher played Saxphone while Winston played piano.  Winston was very happy to see and hear real Saxphone the very first time.  I did not bring my camera with me, but they took pictures for us.  I will attched some pictures later.





2009年6月16日 星期二

Summer Lotus

Hello, I am back to my Google blog but it is still blocked. To tell the truth, I jumped over the Blocking Wall several times to view my own google blog and visit some friends'.

They call it " Jump over the wall" or "Cross the wall" when you break through the blocks by certain means. I tried the method offered by one website and I made it. But even I crossed the wall, I still can not do much about my blog, because the speed for each click was too slow. It may take 3 minutes for one click and sometimes it just went dead. So, I decided to just post through my e-mail again. At least I can view my own blog when I want to.

This morning, some workers were supposed to intall our balcony windows at 9:30. I sneaked out before the time and took some pictures of lotus.

Lotus in Su-Zhou are blossoming and they will continue to blossom until fall. I found some beautiful scene on the way to Winston's school. So, after I came back from Winston's school, I changed for my bike and rode out to take some pictures with the risk of getting rashes on my sensitive skin again.


2009年6月9日 星期二

Come Visit My Blog in Yam 新居落成,歡迎光临!

My dear visitors,

Thanks for visiting here.  After June 4th, the Chinese Gov still did not unblock Google.  The sensitives issues are coming up every minute in China, 2 days ago, a bus full of 100 people just burned in ShiChuan, the same place where the serious earthquake happened last year.  People blame the public communication system for not having any safety tools for the passengers to break out and they doubt why a bus can take 100 people in one ride.  Of course, there are noises and complaints in the local blogland in China.  I am sure they won't leak the news out to the rest of the world, not to say in the blog world.  Who knows what would be the next sensitive issue coming up.  So I decided to move to a new blog hosted in Taiwan, the "Yam Sky" which is one of the few not blocked by China yet.  I hope you would access it fine. 


At the same time I will keep and maintain my Google blog regularly, because once my Yam is blocked someday, I can still use e-mail to post to Google blog.  This is a very special part about google to use e-mail function to post. 

Thank you for your past support and I hope you would visit my new blog as often as or maybe oftener than my google blog.  And at the same time please don't abandom my Google blog.   As a blogger, you know how we feel about our own blogs.

I had been lazy in posting these days because I did not get the chance to see how my blog page look like.  It was quite disappointing. With my new blog, I hope to regain the joy in writing and  sharing. June's New Blog: http://blog.yam.com/simpletruelife






2009年6月5日 星期五

單車遊古城 Bike to Old Town








停车场旁有一条正在施工的小巷,一个小店賣着国画T-Shirt吸引了我的目光, 骑了这么久的车,是要犒赏自己一下囖!这家店很特别,老板兼画家姓趙,可以现買现画,我请老板画荷花在一纯白的T-Shirt上,效果不错,怕回到家被嫌浪费,再请老板帮我画几尾金鱼在一件XL的T-shirt上送給Rcihy,当然也買了一小件給Winston,回家後应该是皆大欢喜吧。





Old Town Road 老路树


Pan-Ru Alley 潘儒巷

吴门人家- 庭院深深的菜馆

Restaurant in an old building





Appetitizer-Sweet Lotus Root



Noodle mixed with green onion and hot oil


Chinese Painting on T-shirt--- Gold Fish


Chinese Painting ---Water Lilies


Paintings on T-shirts


Do I Look like an Alien?

Hope you enjoy my trip!