2009年5月8日 星期五

回来了 Back to my Simple life

Been gone for 8 days, I filed our household income tax and bought two pants for our growing kid Winston. We celebrated Mother's Day earlier for my mom and my mother-in-law. I enjoyed the food and service in Taiwan. There was once when you see something MIT(made in Taiwan) meant something with bad quality. But now MIT is a pride to its people. Taiwanese are so friendly and nice. When we were in HSR (the high speed rail train), because of the rush we did not reserve our seats, there were people asking us whether we want to sit in their seats. How warm and nice! And when we shopped, the salespeople did not ignore us, urge us to buy things, or show us white eyes or bad face when we decided not to buy anything. When we drove, if there was traffic, we did not hear noisy honks. If we heard a honk, it must be Richy. Taiwan is such a friendly and lovely place to stay as long as we don't look at the chaos in political aspect.

However, I still prefer my simple family life here in Su-Zhou although.... Here is another story happened yesterday after we flew back to China when Winston and I walked down to the ground level garden. Someone in our complex just intentionally threw 2 water balls from the balcony of 20th or higher floor and almost hit me and Winston. This made me worry about the spoiled kids out of the one-kid policy in China. And too much emphasis has been on the academic achievement not on kids' personalities and social responsibilities. I complained to the security guard about the water balls. He said there were even garbage bags flying down right across his face from some high floor and they did not know how to educate the residents to behave. You must think we live in a complex around a poverty area. No, here is one of the expensive real-estate areas in Su-Zhou. You know, people here in China just can vary significantly between the decent educated people and the uncivilized ones, between the rich and the poor, and between the privileged and the unprivileged. The weird thing is that they may live in the same place or city. On one side, it is a great chance to observe the changing China, but on the other side, you have no choice to choose who to be your neighbors. So, next time, we should keep our eyes up or wear helmets when walking down the gardens.

According to lunar calendar, this year is a Cow year. Many public areas in Taiwan display statues of colorful cows. Cows had been helping friends for farmers at old time when plowing machines were not available. people also include the straw hats to recall the old farming memories.

The land where the cow stands is a shape of Taiwan, which implies people's love for their home land.


我趁Richy去台北上班的那日回了娘家,期间借了姐夫的网路帐号线花了不少时间上报税,回大陆后发现Hank竟比我早一步将我们提前庆祝母亲节的文已Post上部落格了,所以那日的情景就连结以下就可啦:Mother's Day Party


因Richy对回台时间的安排上有些原则(偶只能配合),我们只剩回来前一日能做想做要做的事,所以那一日忙得很,一大早我就去了银行,後来带Winston去看了牙科,午饭後,我们帮成长中的Winston找了二件穿上去看起来不太胖的裤子,之後,我们也去吃碗令人怀念的嫩仙草,抽了空小憩後,傍晚我将报税文件缴至附近的税捐处,晚上与Richy家人吃完饭后,我们继续忙着整理回大陆的行李。就这样第二日我们搭着直航的班机回到苏州 的simple life.


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跟你老公情商一下,下次請不要排這麼短的時間. 雖然朋友不多, 但至少還是有幾個嘛.

one of your friends

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唉呀!要不是Richy每天都要...别误会,偶是说,要不是他坚持我每餐都陪他去...,我就能做些事啦,不过才一周可能还是排不出时间聚会啦,You know贵婦做的那些事:按摩、護膚、SPA、逛街买东西就得花上好多时间。下次再看看吧!

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